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On these pages are natural cures for babies that we have used ourselves or have verified with health books. These alternative cures may use herbs, pure essential oils, vitamins, and/or food. They are more than home remedies, folk medicine, or old wives' tales!

Talk to your doctor before making any major change. Starting a natural remedy may require your doctor to change the dose of your prescription medicines. You can read more about this in our articles.

Shame on the doctors who tell new mothers that all the signs of teething are not caused by teething. Instead, ask any mother of more than one child or any grandmother.

~ Diarrhea in a baby is serious since they can become dehydrated very quickly.

~ There is no medicine on the market that is safe enough, or recommended, for babies when they have a cold. But, two natural ingredients will open a baby's stuffed up nose safely.

~ The cure for your baby's constipation will work in minutes and requires no medicine at all.

~ Is your baby's diaper rash actually a yeast infection?

~ Even the most experienced mothers and grandmothers may learn something in "Fussy Baby."

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