Natural Cures For a Fussy Baby - More Than Home Remedies

There are so many possibile reasons for a healthy baby to be fussy. You can try different things until (hopefully) one will work.

A new baby is no longer surrounded by fluid and is not used to all the freedom. Wrapping him snugly in a thin, lightweight blanket with his arms across his chest will calm him almost immediately. This is how they swaddle babies in the hospital. Or, you can get a swaddler.
Baby could just be too hot. Take off the blanket and booties. You'll know the answer if baby quiets down right away.
He is little, and he may just want to be held or get some kind of attention. It is not bad to give an infant all the attention he wants when he is new. You excitedly waited nine months for the baby to arrive, now spend some time talking to him and touching him. Touch is essential for babies.
Try using purified water in his bottles instead of tap water. That quieted a friend's baby almost immediately after three months of constant crying.
Be sure to get at least one good burp from him in the middle of each feeding and another at the end. Burping can be done with him held up against you and patting his lower back. Or, you could lay him down across your knees and gently rub his back.
Prop him slightly upright in a boppy nursing pillow for a change of position and so that he can look around more. This might even lessen the chance of an upset stomach. (A boppy is a big round pillow that a nursing mother uses around her waist to help hold the baby up high enough to nurse comfortably.) You can put it on the ground if you don't have dogs, cats or toddlers running around the house, or on the couch if you stay next to him. (A little baby can wiggle pretty good, and he could wiggle himself right onto the floor if you're not watching.)
Try putting him in a swing.
Play some "white noise." That is simply a monotonous sound, like a hair dryer or the radio set to static instead of a clear station. Or you could turn on a fan nearby.
Try one of the tapes of music or songs made especially for babies, or some calm classical music.
If you have a busy household, he may be overstimulated. Then, try the opposite - more quiet, less movement around him, etc.
Sometimes a baby will calm quickly if you hold his head to your chest and hum. The combination of your heartbeat and muffled hum will remind him of being in the womb.
He may need the gentle motion of being in a backpack carrier while you wash dishes or a sling carrier while you do housework.
Try a change of scenery like a walk outside. The fresh air is also good for him if the weather is not too cold.
He could be slightly allergic to the brand of formula you are using, so try another brand of formula, like Similac Sensitive, which prevents gas and most digestion problems.
The baby may simply be tired but not want to give in to sleep. That makes us all grumpy. So give him a bath. That puts most babies in the mood to sleep. If this is not enough, you can put a drop of Lavender Essential Oil on the baby's pajama top.
Rubbing across the middle of his forehead gently and slowly will bring the tension felt in the muscles of the body up to the brain area where it can be "magically" released. This even puts some babies to sleep.
Adding a single drop of Lavender Essential Oil to two teaspoons of jojoba carrier oil. Then massage this over the baby's stomach in a clockwise motion for at least five minutes. Then, turn the baby over and lay him face down across your knees and massage his lower back in the same way.

If the baby is fussy and either drooling a lot, has a diaper rash, or has a slight fever, the baby is most likely teething. Many doctors say that these symptoms have nothing to do with teething. Ask any mother instead if a tooth doesn't appear after these symptoms just about every time!

Try GripeWater, for gas, hiccups, teething, and stomach upsets.

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