Victorian household cyclopaedia


These are natural cures from 1890. Ingredients may include honey, apple cider vinegar, spices, herbs, plants, food, water (in various degrees of temperature), and other natural things. The few that you will find here seem safe and helpful.

Many of the cures from these Victorian remedies used medicines -- like morphine or opium -- which are illegal so they are not included here. Many others called for items that were easily obtained then but not now -- like spirit of chloroform -- so they are not included. Well, that one would not have been included for other reasons.

We did include one cure that may have no basis in fact and may not work -- for lockjaw. But, if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and cannot get to a doctor for a week or two, it certainly would be worth a try.

Medicine in the Victorian Era was nothing like we have today. But, most people could not afford a doctor then. Those who could usually relied on their household handbooks instead, which came complete with home remedies. After all, the remedies had worked for centuries, having been passed down from mother to daughter.

So, light a candle in your chamberstick and step back in time through advice from the American Domestic Cyclopaedia.

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