Natural Cures For Ear Fungus - More Than Home Remedies

To stop the pain of ear fungus, put a cup of salt in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. Use coarse salt and dump it into a thick sock. The sock is to prevent burns. Apply the sock to the painful ear and it draws fluid out of the ear, and improves circulation - which will help reduce swelling and its pain.

Use an ionic hair dryer, on a low setting so that it will not burn the skin, to dry as much moisture as possible inside the ear. Keeping the dryer moving will also help to keep the ear from feeling too hot.

Combine half rubbing alcohol and half vinegar (white vinegar or apple cider vinegar). Put one drop of the mixture in each ear every few hours for a baby, 2 drops for children or adults, with a clean medicine dropper. Tug gently on the earlobe to get the mixture into the ear canal. Then lay on your side so any liquid left can drain out.

If you have ever had a punctured eardrum, ear surgery, or tubes in your ears, you can not put liquid in your ears. For that, you can use an ionic hair dryer (ionic works the fastest) on warm - not too hot to burn the skin - to dry out each ear - and keep it far enough from the ear so it doesn't cause a burn. Then you can put the vinegar and alcohol mixture on a Q-tips cotton swab and gently wipe inside the ear. Do not push the Q-tip in deep or hard - be very gentle.

You may have to do this for several days, and do it one more day after you think the ear fungus is cleared up.

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