Natural Cures for Breaking Nails - More Than Home Remedies

Nails that break often could be too brittle. One way to fix brittle nails is to apply cream or lotion to the hands and nails.

Even nails that are not brittle can break often without good care. Filing nails weekly will help keep them in good condition.

If your nails always break when they reach a certain length, file them shorter before they reach that length. This will prevent them from breaking off and leaving you with a stub.

If you see a small break starting at the side of the nail, cutting the nail shorter and filing it will prevent it from painfully breaking off above the white section.

Biotin makes an amazing difference in nail strength - and length. Taking 5,000 mcg daily is good but some need 10,000 mcg. Since it is water soluble, any amount that is more than your body needs will be flushed away.

The healthiest nails come from good nutrition. It is important to get enough Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A, zinc, iodine (in table salt), iron, calcium, magnesium, and protein in your diet for your nails to be healthy. Omega 3 fish oil and garlic improve nail health. More is not better with Vitamin A and iron - stick with the recommended daily allowance, and it is best to get your vitamins from food whenever possible. In fact, too much Vitamin A can cause brittle nails.

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