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On these pages are natural cures for women that we have used ourselves or have verified with health books. These alternative cures may use herbs, pure essential oils, vitamins, and/or food. They are more than home remedies, folk medicine, or old wives' tales!

Talk to your doctor before making any major change. Starting a natural remedy may require your doctor to change the dose of your prescription medicines. You can read more about this in our articles.

~ Why do married women get a new yeast infection after successful treatment? And, whose fault is it?

~ How can you never have a hot flash again?

~ Do you know how to cure (and prevent) morning sickness without medicine, drugs, exercise, or even saltine crackers? It's super fast, and it really works.

Constipation Relief For Women. Naturopathic Doctor Reveals 27 Strategies That Women Can Use to Rid Themselves Of Constipation, Gas, Bloating and Resulting Fatigue.


Studies show that deodorant (or anti-perspirant) may cause breast cancer -- and that the risk greatly increases when deodorant can enter through cuts or scrapes. Shaving at night will allow the skin to repair before your apply deodorant in the morning. Girls who start shaving before they are 16 are at risk of getting breast cancer earlier than others.

Waxing with a product like Nad's will cause the hairs to never grow back, after just a few sessions. Then you would never have to shave again.

Go natural - Organic Pure Coconut OilLife-Flo Health Organic Pure Coconut Oil Skin Care - 9 fl oz: HF works as well as commercial deodorant. We tested this ourselves. It also worked great as an anti-perspirant at an "office job." We did not test it in the hot sun nor out gardening.

Many insurance plans allow for only one check-up per year and one mammogram per year, usually scheduled in the same month. Scheduling either the check-up or the mammogram in January and the other in July gives the healthy female two breast checks per year instead of one. And, you can probably also get a clinical breast exam with every appointment for an ailment.