Natural Cures For an Accidental Drug Overdose - More Than Home Remedies

You can overdose on prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs, not just illegal drugs. An overdose can sometimes bring on the opposite reaction than you would guess.

For example, a form of ephedrine is added to cold, allergy and sinus medicines to prevent drowsiness. Taking too much of these medicines can result in lethargy, slurred speech, and a drastic slow-down of the system.

If a drug overdose victim is conscious, have him drink at least one full glass of fruit juice. Two or three glasses are even better. Fruit juices affect the way you metabolize certain drugs by binding with drug ingredients, thus reducing their absorption or speeding their elimination. If you don't have any fruit juice on hand, plain water is a good substitute. You literally dilute the medicine by filling the system with water.

Overdose symptoms should disappear within a half hour.

NOTES: An unconscious overdose victim should receive emergency medical attention immediately. Trying to pour liquids into an unconscious victim may result in drowning.

Do not give grapefruit juice since it can interact with many different drugs by increasing their potency.

Do not give cranberry juice for a Warfarin overdose. There is a possibility that cranberry juice will enhance the effects of Warfarin (which prevents blood from clotting) and cause internal hemorrhage.

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