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We really appreciate all the nice letters our visitors have sent. The mailbox was getting too full, so we're saving these letters here instead. Confused on which part of the Lace to Leather group a letter is about? Sometimes we are also, but we love all the comments anyway. Check our list of sites at the bottom of the page - maybe you can figure out which letters go to which site. Enjoy!

I loved your website thanks for all the great information. I get Restless Leg Syndrome and tried the Lever 2000 soap in bed with me it worked but it is bugging the heck out of me, why does it work? Shirley

I just wanted to say how pleased I was to see all of these remedies on this website. I am a strong believer in home-made medicines. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Jessi

Thanks, your site helped me get some steak that was stuck in my throat out that was there for at least 2 hours. Little bread and hot water and there it went. Thank goodness.

Hi! Just found your section on natural, more-than-home cures. They look excellent! A couple of them I already knew; several more I didn't and will be trying. Thanks for the wonderful information! Jessica

Thank you so much. I have asked questions before and your responses are wonderful! Christine

Thanks so much for all your info! That's a BIG help! Joy

I was looking at dog training info with the idea of getting a puppy when what to my wondering eyes should appear except a notice about salvation. What a wonderful place to put this vital message. God bless you.

I like your website on the natural cures. I have been trying the apple cider vinegar for my acid reflux and so far it seems to be working. I appreciate having natural options available. Brandon

Nice website! I'm still exploring it and have found some great tips. Becky

What a great site! I have never found so much information in one place FOR FREE! I sent the link to my address book!!! Thank you, who ever you are!!!! Jack

Thanks so much for the info on your web page. I have found it helpful & refreshing that someone is actually willing to help others without charging others. Thanks! I can see why PBS chose you :) Anonymous

I *LOVE* your website, especially all of the eBay tips you took the time to write in order to help others. I'm not an eBay "newbie" but I especially enjoyed reading your ideas on how to obtain boxes - that usually IS a toughie! I'm not done with all the pages, but was sufficiently impressed so far to stop a moment and say so. :-)

I just had to let you know that I just LOVE how you write, how you word everything in your tips, and really, just how your writing sounds like it comes from someone who is a really wonderful and sweet person - and I'm really enjoying reading all your ebay stuff - you did a *really* great job! Regards, and God bless :-) Lynette

Thank you for the informative web site! All the best! Stephen

Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed my visit. I will be back, Keep up the good work. Art

Praise the LORD, I really appreciate the Scriptures on your website about the Plan of Salvation and how everything was broken down to understand how to be born again. Chad

I was searching the web for a while looking for natural remedies regarding my dogs (and my) troubles with fleas. I was ready to give up, when I found your page.

Thank you so much for your site!

I was tired and very worried about continuing to use chemical treatments on her (especially being that I am a naturalist/vegetarian and don't take any chemicals/meds myself). Your page gave me the exact answers I was looking for -- a natural way to rid us of fleas.

Again, thank you. I'll be sure to recommend your site to others and to come back often. Kind regards, Jacqueline

Hi, As a new EBAY user I would just like to say thank you for the good tips and advice You have a very nice non-threatening website and I hope you have great days in your future!

And yes Jesus does save! Herman

I have read your website and I was very pleased with what you had to say. I believe that your doctrine is sound especially pertaining to baptism. Jonathan

I think your website is really good and useful and I really appreciate you spending your time to help me out. Thanks from me and from Polkadot. You saved our day!!!!!!!!! meme hamma

All I want to do is say thanks for posting the tips on Ebay buying and selling. You are an asset to the internet. Steve

Thank you for your website. It has been very encouraging to me -- I have recently received as My Lord and Savior and become a Christian after more than 30 years in Judaism -- I sometimes I encounter doubts about my decision, but sites like yours have reassured me that Jesus is the only way to God, and that Jesus, not Judaism, will get me into heaven. David

You really have an interesting kidding. We really spent some time here. Great content! Your hard work shows. Ginger

Hi. I wanted to thank you very very much for your very useful and concrete and free segment about selling on ebay. For everything I have browse this was the best so far. Herself

Thank you for all your help, we are getting two pups on Valentines Day. I have been reading up on how to care for them so hope the training works. I have tons of patience, and am so excited about having 2 new friends. Fashion Flair

Hi -- Great site! You discuss keeping goats for milk ( ). However, when you next update the site, you should change the "he" to a "she," since male goats are not as good at giving milk! :-) Thomas

I just wanted to tell you that I loved the Jesus Christ Saves salvation message. It was awesome. Thank you so much for putting that out. Thats exactly what the world needs. You couldn't have done anything better. God bless, Brandi

Hi. I enjoyed your lacetoleather web site, reading about ebay. That's nice of you to give info to the public that way. Also, I wanted to thank you for not making fun of insulators. I used to collect all sorts of things, compusively, and now I take joy in selling to collectors, adding to their treasure troves - so I hunt items with resale in mind. I've accumulated a box of insulators, havent sold one yet, but everytime I list, someone has to write me something silly about insulators. Like it makes great sense to have a house filled with pez dispensers or matchbox cars! good grief! "There's no accounting for taste," said the old woman as she bent to kiss her cow! Take care and God Bless. Daniel

Thanks for all of the usefull information I feel a bit ignorant but your lists help. But none help quite as much as those 3 words...JESUS CHRIST SAVES.... God bless you guys and gals. I'll see ya... Either here, there, or in the air!!! Praise God!! Chad

Absolutely wonderful, informative site! Thank You! Wanda

Hi. Just thought I'd let you know I happen to hit upon your site, and I have really enjoyed its refreshingly honest and concise pages and concepts. Tessa

Thank you for all of your information. I really appreciate it. Matt

I wanted to let you know how much I like your website! Thanks for all your good info. I'm saving your site as a favorite. Deborah

You have a great site.

I used the lice info as I am breastfeeding and was afraid to use store prescriptions as they may hurt the baby. 4 different professionals said "It SHOULDN'T hurt him, but to ask someone else" Not much confidence on my part there. I had no idea you could get rid of them without chemicals. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been raving about your site. Anita

I am an herbal doctor -- and the little I looked at is wonderful and accurate. Rae

You have very good information here. I started using real apple cider vinegar several weeks ago. I have had great difficulty walking due to knee surgery. My situation was only gettting worse. After the health info your site and others provided, I am walking pretty good now. Sprizzer

Thanks for your free advice. I had heartburn tonight and am barred from taking Tums due to a medical test. Megan

If you should ever allow for a "Newsletter" please do include my E mail...Great site you have..Exellent efforts...Appreciate...Truly Robert

Thank you! You really go above and beyond. I really appreciate first the information on leg cramps and your follow-up on the cause of the distorted text. Chris

Just a quick note to say thanks for the info...only took a few minutes to find out more than I was looking for :) Don

I am just sending a note to say how wonderful your site is. I will pass it on to my friends that are also smitten with the victorian graphics. Patty

I just wanted to let you know that your suggestion on the Suave coconut shampoo really does work. I found your web site a couple of years ago and I started to use it then on myself and my daughter ( who has very long hair ) . I work with small children and my daughter had several children in her class that had lice " repeat offenders". I didn't want to stop her from playing with these children but I didn't want the lice in my home either. We both had been using the shampoo and conditioner since and have NEVER had lice. I have told everyone I know about your web site and have told many of the "repeat offenders" about the shampoo and have heard nothing but good results. Thank you for your advice and I will keep on telling everyone I see about the site. Thank you Sherri

Thanks for the ebay advice. I'm leery of some of these offers I see on TV and elsewhere for eBay advice. It was refreshing to find your site and get some basics. You do a great service to eBay-ers. Barry

I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your website. Kelley

Well, thanks for the information. I really appreciate it! Kari

In checking for another subject I came upon your clear cut message of salvation. Thanks be to Jesus, I am a Christian and I thank you so much for this great salvation message you have provided. God bless you and I will pray that He will use it to help many, many people come to faith in Jesus. Dorothy

I have found your website very informative and helpful.thanks! Rhonda

Very interesting article you have put together here. It is very hard to find anyone who believes this truth anymore and it is refreshing to meet someone who is on the straight and narrow path rather than the broad way that leads to destruction!! Thank you Jesus! Bruce

What a marvelous site, thank you so much for sharing. Mare

I'm glad I happened across your website - I plan to get back to using the ACV myself, and hope to have more time to read the rest of your website. Thanks! Susi

Thank you for the site you have created JESUS CHRIST SAVES. I am a Christian that has "back-slid" (I assume that's a word) terribly. I really have no one else to turn to and I found your site strictly by accident. I am currently copying everything that you have on the site so that I may take it with me during the day and study. Thank you for being there. Please pray that I will be successful in my return to Him and never backslide again.
Bless you for your gift. Michael

I read your site on lice. it has been really helpful. Michele

I was looking for ebay information and found your site im really glad you have a jesus link more people need to stand up for him and be a jesus people can see have a happy new year !!! Anonymous

LOVE your site! Renee

I came across your website doing a search for natural remedies for ear infections. It is a very informative website. Thank you! April

I wanted to ask you a few questions about your article. First, let me say I really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. Aaron

I think your site is great keep up the good work! Anonymous

... and, there's one in every crowd ...
That is the ugliest website I have seen in a while. Pay a professional some money to bring it into the 90's at least. YUCK!! Chuck Spangler

I just wanted to thank you for the Victorian images... I love them. If I get my web site up I will certainly include you as a link and give you credit for the images. God Bless! Rendi

Hi. Thanks for the great site. Kathelee

Just wanted to commend you on your boldness to speak the Truth. My husband & I agree fully with all that we've read so far. Thank you so much for publishing the Truth. God Bless your ministry. In Christ, Sharon & John

Great! Thanks for all the information! Found a missing word... Hawk

I really enjoyed looking over your site. Keep up the good work. Barbara

Thanks so much for responding!! The info is very helpful and I will follow your advise. God bless, Therese

I know you get tons of email - but I just had to email you. I lucked out and found your site while searching Google for unrelated search. Hats off - Congrats - Hail To Lace To Leather!!! Thank You many times over - Your site is amazing, so full of very VERY useful info. I'd bet that anyone and everyone could find something on your site they could use!

I just checked out a few things for lack of time right now, BUT you're defintiely in my Favorites list and I will be back often.

I can't even imagine the time it's taken you to put together all this wonderful information. BUT, Thank You again for doing it. I know your site is already a HUGE hit but I know it will get even bigger! You're a GREAT webmaster!!! Connie

Peace be to you! Thank you very much for the very useful natural cures! May God abundantly bless you for your service to humanity at large. May your life be filled with light. Sincerely, Sid