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On these pages are natural cures for the nose that we have used ourselves or have verified with health books.


We heard about this overnight, natural cure, so we had to check it out. One member of the family has a terrible immune system and has had a lung infection, so their colds would last for five or six weeks. This made the claim that colds would be of shorter duration very interesting.

Like the directions stated, we tried it at the first sign of a cold. In the morning, there were no signs at all. The cold did not take hold, move in, and take up residence. It was gone. It could have been a coincidence so we tried it again with the next cold, at bedtime on the day the first sign was felt. It was also gone by morning.

The real test came with the hypocondriac in the family. He seems to practically will himself sick, especially since it keeps him home from school. He said he was starting a cold. We gave him a dose and told him none of the claims. (If a person can will himself sick, he should be able to will himself well, also.) His cold was nowhere to be found by morning, and he was off to school.

This miraculous remedy has only failed once, and that was because we did not hear about the starting cold until the second day. Still, the cold was very short after we started the dosing.

So, what is it?! (You must be on the edge of your seat by now.) It is SAMBUCUS (SAMBUCOL). We can attest that the claims are true, and we now keep several bottles on hand at all times.


A second reason that we have many bottles is because it is also claimed to work on the flu - even the dreadful Bird Flu that might hit our country someday. Thank goodness we have not had to test it on the flu, but we might have to do so this winter. We buy most of our goods online, and shipping takes time. With at least one bottle of SAMBUCUS (SAMBUCOL) on hand for each member of the family, we are ready for anything. We buy enough to qualify for free shipping, we don't pay for gas or wear and tear on the car, and we don't even have to leave home. You can't beat that.