Natural Cures for Morning Sickness - More Than Home Remedies

This is a natural cure for morning sickness that includes no drugs or chemicals, no food or drink, you can take it with you where ever you go; and you can do it in your sleep.

To cure morning sickness quickly, put pressure on the wrists. Each wrist contains a pressure point, up the arm two or three finger widths from the crease between the wrist and the hand. Putting pressure on one wrist with the other hand will help in an emergency, but you get more relief if you use pressure on both wrists.

To use both pressure points, you can use wrist bands, like Sea-Band. They come with a button on the inside for greater pressure. You can keep an extra set in the car in case you forget them.

If you are already sick, this pressure method will stop the nausea, but you can prevent it in the first place by wearing the bands all the time.

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