Natural Cure for Hypoglycemia or Low Blood Sugar - & Prevention - More Than Home Remedies

Chromium has been a lifesaver in our family. (Chromium is a mineral that our bodies need.) Before we found chromium picolinate, the doctor had ordered a diet of absolutely no sugar (including most fruits), no carbohydrates (including any bread, potatoes, most fruits, and most vegetables), almost no fat, no alcohol, and no caffeine. While this regimen was followed, low blood sugar was not a problem at all. The problem was following the regimen. Sneaking a doughnut or candy bar resulted in a fainting spell a few hours later, and a sluggish unwell feeling for weeks.

After our discovery of chromium at a health food store, there is no special diet to follow, no dietary restrictions, and no fainting spells. One 200 mcg chromium in the morning is all that is needed on most days. A second dose is necessary after a lot of cake or candy (or after working in the sun or overdoing any physical activity, or after an emotional upheaval). Now, thirty years later, doctors also know about chromium.

Chromium is a natural way to prevent and deal with hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. But, it is not a lasting cure since the pill must be taken every day that you do not follow a strict diet.

Some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia include: dizziness, headache, cold sweat, panting, light headed, passing out, fainting spells, shakes, difficulty talking, disoriented, tired, sleepy. These would occur about three hours after eating, after the blood sugar was raised by food or exercise then dropped sharply.

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