Quickly Stop The Hiccups (Hiccoughs or Hicoughs) - More Than Home Remedies

To stop a case of the hiccups almost immediately, have someone else use a wrapped straw (so there is no sharp end) to "tickle" your uvula, which is the piece of skin that hangs down from the back of the top of your mouth. Just a nice tickle - a jab could make you gag. You could also try this yourself while looking in the mirror.

Hiccups are usually meaningless. But, if you got the hiccups after a chest injury or a bout of extreme coughing, you may have a cracked or broken rib. The diaphragm can become irritated by the projection inwards of the fractured bone, by any build-up of blood, or by tight wrapping of the ribs, resulting in a spasmodic action of that muscle. Some think that the hiccups might even prevent the pneumonia that can sometimes develop after breaking a rib.

Here are a few hiccups cures that visitors have said will stop their hiccups.

-- Yell or sing as loud as you can.

-- Eat a spoonful of sugar.

-- Lay on your back (they say that almost no one gets the hiccups in the dentist's chair).

-- Put a paper bag over your mouth and nose and breathe in and out about ten times.

-- "April" says, "I usually suck on a lemon wedge... All it takes is a second on a lemon and the hiccups are gone!!"

-- "Janice" writes, "The best cure I have found for hiccups is to eat a spoonful of peanut butter. It has worked for me and my children every time."

-- "Sidekick" says to plug your ears with your fingers and drink through a straw. If you don't have a straw then have a friend help you drink while you plug your ears.

-- For Baby: use GripeWater and the hiccups are gone almost instantly. If there is none available, give baby a bottle with some sugar water in it.

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