Natural Cures For the Common Cold - More Than Home Remedies

All of the natural cures for a cold listed below are most effective if used at the first sign that a cold is starting. But, they will all be of some help if you start later.

A half teaspoon of colloidal silver for kids and a teaspoon for adults should be taken at the first sign of a cold. But, we had a full-blown cold and cough disappear by morning.


At the first sign of a cold, put a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide into each ear, one ear at a time. Keep the solution in for 10 minutes or until the bubbling stops. Your temperature should start dropping within minutes, and your cold should be gone within 12 to 14 hours.

NOTE: Do not put liquids into your ears if you have or ever have had a ruptured or perforated ear drum.


When you first get the feeling that you may be starting a cold, begin taking zinc, extra Vitamin C with rose hips, and garlic (you can get odorless garlic). The combination will keep the cold from materializing. If you take these regularly, you may never get a cold. But, if you still feel a cold coming on, increase the dosage for these three items.


Diffusing Oregano Essential Oil at the first sign of a cold will either keep it away entirely or at least dramatically decrease its severity and duration. To diffuse oregano essential oil, put some water into the diffuser, add five drops of the oil, and light a candle underneath. Once you see a mist rising from the diffuser, keep the mixture burning for at least 20 minutes, even if it means replacing the candle once.


Sambucol is elderberry extract, and it gives remarkable results when taken for the cold. Taken early enough, it will stop the cold in its tracks. Taken after the cold has really set in, Sambucol can still shorten the length and severity of the cold. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, "A more recent laboratory study of three different Sambucus formulations, tested on blood from 12 healthy donors, showed that they increased production of inflammatory cytokines, which are immune system mediators. This finding indicates that Sambucus might help activate a healthy immune system. You can also get Sambucol for Kids (when they can keep it in stock) or Sambucol tablets.

Another brand of elderberry syrup is Dynamic Health Black Elderberry Liquid Extract, although this one comes with honey so it is not recommended for children under 2 years old.

A variation on elderberry syrup is Apitherapy, which also contains raw honey, echinacea root extract, organic apple cider vinegar, and propolis extract. This combination may be even more powerful.

One last thing - wash your hands before putting your fingers in your ears, eyes, nose or mouth. Most cold germs are not breathed in, they are put in our bodies through one of those openings. Babies and little kids also put toys in their mouths, so keep those clean if someone has a cold.

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