Natural Cures for Chiggers - More Than Home Remedies

When you have been "chigged," take a shower first then try one of the following cures for chiggers.

Rub pure castor oil on your skin.

Take the pennyroyal herb (a member of the mint family) and use the leaves by crushing them in your hands then rubbing it on your skin. Or you can use Pennyroyal Essential Oil. Wash your hands afterwards with either, and don't get any in your eyes, nose or mouth since more than the tiniest amount is poisonous if taken internally. It should also not be used on pets or by someone who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Apply a poultice of cooked and cooled oatmeal.

To ease the pain and itching of chigger bites, rub with a moist aspirin tablet.

If you want to use an over-the-counter medicine for the pain, use Ibuprofen or Aspirin. Tylenol will help with pain, but not as much as the others since it does nothing for swelling, which makes pain worse.

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