Natural Cures for Calluses - More Than Home Remedies

Calluses build up as protection, but they can be ugly or get too large. To soften a callus, cover it with aspirin paste. Crush several aspirins, and add a tiny bit of lemon juice and a tiny bit of water. After applying the paste, wrap the area with plastic wrap, then wrap with a wet towel that has been warmed, and leave this on for 10 minutes. This will soften calluses enough to make them easy to scrub off with a pumice stone. A pumice stone should be kept wet when you use it so you should use it the shower or bath. Be careful not to go too deep or your skin will be too sensitive.

Going barefoot all the time will cause calluses to build on the bottoms of your feet. After scrubbing off the calluses, your feet may be too tender to go barefoot at all except on soft carpeting. Wearing shoes is also safer anyway and keeps your feel cleaner and softer.

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