Natural Cures for Bites and Stings - More Than Home Remedies

If a stinger is still in the skin, it must be removed carefully - or you can break off the top and leave the dangerous end in. Trying to pull the stinger out will also pump more poison in. The best removal is to flick the stinger off.

Next, wash the area with soap and water, or with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to get rid of the germs. Hydrogen peroxide does not sting at all but cleans just as well if not better.

Ice can be applied if it is available.

Immediate relief for a bug or mosquito bite, bee sting or wasp sting can be attained from applying a paste made of meat tenderizer and a little water. Leaving this on for at least a half hour will take away the pain and itch.

You can also use a slice of raw onion or a slice of raw potato.

When part of a stinger remains in the skin, you can apply a poultice to safely draw the stinger out. A good poultice is stale bread wetted with milk, and it may be necessary to repeat this, adding a new one after the last one dries.

Daily supplements of Vitamin B1 or brewer's yeast, zinc, or garlic (you can get odorless garlic) keep insects away. Perfumes, hair spray, and bright colors attract insects.

Other aids are mixing straight natural apple cider vinegar with Baking Soda to make a paste and applying to the bitten area.

Use a comfrey ointment as a soothing salve.

Wasp venom is on the alkaline side. To counteract the venom rub some onion juice or natural apple cider vinegar on the bite. Split the leaf of a leek and apply the inside surface to your skin.

Ant bites and bee stings are more acidic in nature. For these you want to neutralize the effect of the venom with a paste of Baking Soda and very cold water.

Apply straight lemon juice.

A clay or mud paste can also be used to draw out the venom and is usually on hand!

Use a wet tea bag as a poultice: the tannic acid in tea helps with swelling. Black tea is the most effective.

Meat tenderizers contain enzymes that when applied as a paste also draw out the venom and swelling.

Put a slice of cucumber over the area, this is especially effective for ant bites!

A Poultice using winter or summer savory leaves helps with bites and stings.

To reduce swelling, put on a drop of Lavender Essential Oil or Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

If you want to use an over-the-counter medicine for the pain, use Ibuprofen or Aspirin. Tylenol will help with pain, but not as much as the others since it does nothing for swelling, which makes pain worse.

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