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Our Past Dogs of the Month

Dino Great Dane running

Dino Great Dane

This is Dino, sent in by mom Rachel. He is a Great Dane. Dino looks a little wild in this super shot of him running, so we added his majestic side also.

Spot Dalmatian

This is Spot. Spot is an 11-year-old Dalmatian who is blind. Mom April helped him overcome an abusive past and become a friend to all the neighborhood children. He now enjoys running, playing with his tennis ball, and eating biscuits.

He is the love of her life.

Raven Labrador Retriever

This is Raven. Raven is a 6-month-old Labrador Retriever

Luna mixed breed

This is Luna, who is a Labrador Retriever/Alaskan Malamute mix. Mom Zorina says that she's a very hyper dog who's decided to stay a puppy forever! She's very intelligent, and certainly knows how to get a treat from anyone - whether it's a simple "sit" or "down," or perhaps, for the more demanding crowd, "say please," "crawl," "shame on you," "play dead," "roll over," etc. Her toys are her special treasures, and she picks her own new ones at the pet shop.

Stan mixed breed

This is Stan, who is a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix. According to Alex, Stan is a great dog who loves long walks, chasing flies, and playing dead "thanks to your website." He is very energetic and very loving and usually can be seen sitting at the top of the couch next to window or digging holes at the park.

Godot mixed breed

This is Godot, who is 3-1/2 years old and a mixed breed. Mom Lynn says she rescued him from the streets of Taiwan when he was 6 months old, and that he's been a huge gift from God for her. Godot is incredibly smart, very obedient, and really sweet and quiet.

Coco Chanel Chihuahua puppy

This is Coco Chanel, a 10-week-old Chihuahua puppy. Dad Jeremy says that the pointers on our site helped him teach Coco Chanel to sit, lay down, and heel all in one day.

Bailey Labrador/Hound mix

This is Bailey. She is two months old and is a mix of Labrador retriever and hound. Dad Mackenna says that she was a rescue puppy. Her mother was found on the streets when she was very pregnant and gave birth to her and her three brothers on the front lawn of someone's house. She is very sweet and mellow and learns very fast. She learned how to sit, shake, lay down, roll over, stay and come all within the first month he had her.

Packer German Shepherd

This is Packer. Mom Christine says that Packer came from a rescue organization. When adopted, he was so skinny that every bone in his body showed. He had been thrown out of a car on a Highway and it is a miracle that he survived. He had been beaten and apperently he had never been inside a house. Packer had no idea what to do with toys or a rawhide bone, he never had any of these things in his life before. After 2 years, he has grown into a beautiful, healthy, happy and energetic dog. He loves his family and they just adore him.

Angel Labrador Retriever

This is Angel. She is 4-1/2 months old. (Dad Jimin submitted her photo.) Angel is a Labrador Retriever, a breed that is known for gentleness and being eager to please.

Mika Shiba Inu

This is Mika. She is 10 weeks old. (Mom Stephanie submitted her photo.) Mika is a Shiba Inu - a small breed that is extremely popular in Japan, almost revered. Shiba Inus look like little foxes and are very intelligent.

Hailey Scottish Terrier

This is Hailey. Mom Kaitlin says that Hailey is a trick dog that is very smart! She knows 20 tricks! Kaitlin didn't say, but Hailey appears to be a Scottish Terrier.

Macy Labrador and Australian Shepherd

This is Macy. She is a three-month-old Labrador/ Australian Shepard mix. Mom Jill says Macy can already sit, stay, come, shake, lay down, and roll over.

Petie Shiba and Husky

This is Petie. He is a mix of Shiba and Husky, and he is 4 years old. Mom Laura says he only likes to go outside to sunbathe, which she says makes his coat even ligher.

Cabo Labrador Retriever puppy

This is Cabo. He is a yellow Labrador retriever, and here he is at 3-1/2 months old. Mom Linley caught this very sweet expression.

This is Muffin. What a cute pose with her putting her paw up! The kids named her muffin because of the white fluffy hair, just like a cream muffin. She is a mix of Shitzu and Bichon.

Dog of the Month picture

This is Tic-Tac. He looks like quite a ham. Tic-Tac is a 3-year-old mix who started out as a Pet in Distress. He seems to have been adopted by the right people because you'd never know it now.

Chili Pepper rottweiler

Chili Pepper is a Rottweiler. He is 2-1/2 years old in this photo, and he looks pretty regal.

Chili Pepper does have fun, though, and he even has his own Harley Davidson hat.

Dazzler golden retriever

Dazzler is an 8-month-old Golden Retriever male. Dad Kurt sent in this really cute picture. He must have been using Dazzler to deliver this rose to Mom or to one of their two pretty little girls.

Princess dachshund

Princess, is an eight-year-old female dachshund, shown with her little friend Sunshine. Princess was told she needed emergency surgery for a herniated disc or she would never walk again. That was more than a year ago, and now she is walking just fine. Dad Mark has the whole story at

Caesar golden retriever

Caesar is an 11-week-old Golden Retriever. Dad Tyler says, 'Caesar is a welcome new addition to my home. He is very attentive and learns commands quickly, we are beginning to learn new tricks. Caesar follows me everywhere and is very good in social situations.'

Tyler brittany spaniel

Tyler is a four-month-old Brittany Spaniel. Mom Katie says, 'Tyler is full of energy and curiosity. His favorite activities are sleeping, chasing anything and laying around in the sun.'

Pinni coton de tulear

PINNI is a one-year-old female Coton de Tulear. Pinni is white with champagne. This very rare breed is the Royal Dog of Madagascar (off southern Africa); has a long, dry, cotton-like coat (of various color varieties); and gets up to 18 lbs. (but is not a toy). The Coton de Tulear is a member of the Bichon family and dates back to the 1500s. Pinni is typical in that she is hardy, very active, and agile.

Most of Mom Mikko's photos of Pinni are action shots. The top photo must have been after a long day of romping, and the bottom photo shows her in her too-cute winter coat.

Alisa's Kids pomeranians

Alisa and her (Pomeranian) kids, Tippi (11), Kanu (8) and Tyler (11). "I'm proud of my kids' level of intelligence and manners. They understand everything that I want them to and respond accordingly. They are extensive travellers and even get their own party invitations to our parties. They are always complimented about how well behaved they are. When they see me near their bag... they immediately start jumping in. If we are getting ready to leave, Tyler always packs his bags (grabs a cookie) to go. [OR] Upon returning, they immediately check in my purse to see what I've brought them."

Tasha bulldog

Tasha is an 18-month-old Bulldog from Russia, and the daughter of Russia's No. 1 bulldog. "She is a pistol. She must have that Russian blood because she absolutely loves the snow and being outdoors. She is such a coach potato as well." Dad (Travis) says Tasha is a fine example of a Bulldog female: nicely boned, great head, easy to handle, and has superior confidence.


This is Cutter, a three-year-old german shepherd and malamute mix. Mom Steph says,"Cutter is the smartest dog! He knows over 30 individual words, 20+ hand signals, and even different smells [like when his ear medicine is opened in another room]. He is pretty spoiled, but also well trained. We spend so much time together that it sometimes seems he's reading my mind."


This is Valencious, a Bouvier des Flandres.                

Valencious is shown here with his best bud, and the photo comes from Mary Kasher.

Chester and Baby A

(Dog of the Month, my waggly tail. This kid has stolen the limelight from me since the day she was born! But there's still hope for me because I'm house trained and she isn't!)        

  This is Chester [on the right], and he is a 6-year-old beagle. He watches out for Baby A. and cleans the floor when she drops her food. They make a great pair.

Bella entlebucher sennehunde

This is Bella (Bella Der Viking), an Entlebucher Sennehunde. She is 8 months old in the picture. Bella is now a year old, but this picture shows a lot of her tri-colored markings. She is one smart puppy and is now in her second doggy obedience class. Her mom, Maria M, says that "Entlebuchers are in the swiss mountain dog family. The entlebucher is the smallest of the family, but definitely the cutest!"

Parka american eskimo

Parka is a 3-year old American Eskimo Dog. Chris (10) and Jessica (8) N. love her a lot and play with her every day. They taught her themselves to jump through hula hoops that they hold up high. She thinks any kind of trick is neat because American Eskimo dogs have been Russian circus dogs for years and years. Parka is a medium-size American Eskimo dog.

Parka has become the "mascot" on Dog Tricks, Tips and Insights. You guessed it, she is also our own super, wonderful dog!


Buster, an 11-year old "mutt." His "daddy" (Dave W) says, "Buster attended college with me for two years, His efforts earned him a certificate of loyalty from the Dept Heads, and was signed by every member of the senior class. He is an incredible friend, and I love him dearly. He is also handsome and a gentleman of the first order."

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