Natural Cures for Anxiety - More Than Home Remedies

Valerian is wonderful for the occasional anxiety problem - can't sleep one night, neck pain from tension, or anxiety over an upcoming situation. But, it is not the best thing to take regularly. St John's Wort relieves anxiety and can be taken daily.

There are three things to know about St. John's Wort. One is that it can take a few weeks to build up in the system till you see the full results. The second is that, when you want to stop taking it, you should lessen the dosage slowly instead of stopping abruptly. Stopping it abruptly will make you very grumpy and moody. And, St. Johnís Wort affects the way some prescription medicines work. So, you should tell your doctor you are taking it if the doctor wants to give you a prescription for something else, and you should research the medicines you are taking now to be sure that St. John's Wort won't make them ineffective or even too strong.

For temporary relief of anxiety with no medications, Lavender Essential Oil is good. You can put it into a diffuser and light a candle under it, or you can put two drops on a shirt collar or pajama top. It is a calming oil and can even help with pain. One word of caution is that you should not put drops on your shirt and then go driving - at least not until you test how you will react to the lavender oil. Even a drop of two can put some people right to sleep.

For temporary relief of anxiety without getting sleepy, use Lavender Spike Essential Oil, which does have all the other good qualities.

The best natural relief of anxiety is Lemon Essential Oil. Its effect is almost immediate. This oil is especially good before a test because it also heightens your ability to concentrate.

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