Natural Cures for Warts - More Than Home Remedies

Warts (and moles) are an external sign of an internal potassium deficiency. The real cure (and prevention) is to eat enough foods that contain potassium. Natural apple cider vinegar is high in potassium and beneficial to many health problems (see Apple Cider Vinegar, The Wonder "Drug" of Yesterday and Today). Natural apple cider vinegar can also be taken in tablet form.

Applied vinegar is a popular home remedy for warts. "I was plagued by a wart on my index finger. Because of the location, a physician said there was nothing to be done that wouldn't cause disfigurement. I soaked a piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar, put it on my finger and wrapped it tape. In the middle of the night I woke up from a dead sleep. My wart was throbbing. The next day the wart was gone without disfigurement." (anonymous source)

From Mike S: "I tried the apple cider vinegar and to my amazement IT WORKED. I had two warts that were burned off, frozen, and duct taped for a year. Nothing worked. Saw your website, tried the apple cider vinagar, within two hours the warts were throbbing and burning. The next day they were gone. Thanks for the cure.

From Amy K: "I've used this natural treatment on myself twice with success (and my sister has used this method too with similar results). Mash up a clove of garlic so it is pulpy and moist. Apply amount needed to cover the wart and affix with a band-aid. I find using a corn pad works as it keeps the garlic on the wart, and then covering with a band-aid to keep it all in place. Keep on overnight if possible. As the garlic is a bit acidic it MAY cause a bit of discomfort, but it doesn't harm the skin. In my experience, one application worked. The warts started shedding immediately, and my warts were gone within 3 weeks time."

Soaking some gauze with a mixture of Baking Soda and castor oil made into a paste and tape this gauze over the mole. Leave the gauze on overnight. This treatment is reported to reduce and possibly remove warts over time.

Anonymous: "Simply apply the purest honey you can find on your wart, keep applying it morning and night until the wart disappears. You should start to see changes within a couple of days. Duct tape takes weeks."

From Cat 007: A nurse sent us the following remedy: "Peel the skin off a potato as thin as possible. Take a small piece of potato skin and rub the POTATO side on the wart twice a day. In one or two weeks the wart will turn black and fall off. There is apparently a chemical in the potato near the skin which kills the wart. I have used this for warts large and small on several people, and it never fails."

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